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Who We Are

WILD LEAF FARMS is a vertically-integrated cannabis and hemp business with large-scale organic cultivation and proprietary cryogenic ethanol extraction, distillation and crystallization equipment in Zimbabwe. Our farm encompasses 80 hectares, of which 5 hectares are currently designated for cannabis flowering, with 16 hectares to be added in 2023. Our proprietary cryogenic extraction and distillation process is highly scaled, and was designed and built in-house. The equipment is housed in our state-of-the-art 400m2 clean room facility, built to EU-GMP standards, and capable of producing hundreds of kilograms of distillate and isolate per month, as well as manufacturing formulated and packaged consumer products, including tinctures, topicals, vape carts and water-soluble CBD.

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CEO & Founder

Chris is the founder and CEO of Wild Leaf Farms, and has been the main driving force behind the business for the past four years. Spending the majority of his time on the farm in Zimbabwe, Chris works closely together with all of the departments, ensuring every one is aligned and working towards accomplishing the company's goals.



In 1999, Urs was instrumental in bringing Card Guard public on the SMI, the first Israeli-company to do so in Switzerland and served as vice chairman until 2014. Since 2016 Urs serves as a board member of G Medical Innovations (NASDAQ:GMVD). Urs is an early investor in med-tech startups in Israel and Switzerland. In addition, Urs has funded and served on the board of various organic farming businesses in Kenya, Mozambique and South Africa.


Chief Manufacturing Officer & Head of Engineering

James Brown graduated from the University of British Columbia chemical and biological engineering department. James designed and built most of our equipment as well as processing steps. He continues to innovate and push our manufacturing capabilities to the next level, expanding our offering of bulk cannabinoids while improving the efficiencies of our systems.


Executive Assistant & Site Manager

Prior to joining Wild Leaf Farms, Natasha spent 14 years working for a large gold mining company in Zimbabwe, overseeing various mines and portfolios. Natasha coordinates various aspects of the day-to-day business, utilizing her extensive experience and background in mining logistics to navigate an increasingly difficult global supply chain.


Authorized Quality Person

Tendai is a qualified Pharmacist who has been working in the pharmaceutical industry for 6 years. As a specialist in Quality Management Systems, he has experience in Quality Control, Validations and Quality Assurance. In addition, Tendai is a Regulatory Affairs expert particularly in practical application of ICH, FDA and EMA requirements.


Validation Manager

Mark has held several positions in quality control and validations at pharmaceutical manufacturers, as well as senior technician at a refinery. Mark has vast experience in qualification and validation of equipment and processes for cGMP.


Validation Analyst

Isheanesu holds a bachelor's degree in chemical technology and worked as a chemist at various companies, most recently at CAPS Pharmaceuticals as validation analyst. Isheanesu specializes in validation of equipment for cGMP.


Production Manager

Danai is qualified in various ISO standards and was a key person in achieving accreditation at a large beverage company in Zimbabwe. Danai oversees operation of the extraction process, ensuring efficiency and laboratory safety.


Plant Manager

Simbarashe is driven and hard-working team leader and qualified mechanical engineer with years of experience in pharmaceutical manufacturing. He specialises in equipment qualification, commissioning  and preventative maintenance extending from deionising reverse osmosis purification plants to packaging lines.


Cultivation Manager

Charles studied horticulture and spent over a decade as farm manager at a large pine plantation in Eastern Zimbabwe before overseeing a food crop operation in Kadoma. Charles has a keen sense for cannabis plants’ needs, from identifying nutritional deficiencies to low-stress training. His extensive knowledge in traditional farming greatly assists our field preparation.


Our advisory board is instrumental in supporting our team on the ground, whether it be analysing our soil and
plant nutrient uptake to improve efficiency, or selecting plants for desired traits such as mildew resistance. In
addition, our team of independent consultants ensures we have further expertise backing up every decision
we make.


Chief Agronomist

As one of Southern Africa’s foremost Soil Scientists, Richard consults a variety of large-scale organic farming enterprises across Sub-Saharan African, including fruit and nut orchards. Richard oversees our soil management practices, as well as all plant nutrition, adjusting fertilizers and conditioners based on plant tissue analysis and soil samples.


Breeding Consultant

Steven started growing cannabis in the 1990’s using high-production Dutch indoor techniques before becoming exposed to Northern California and its genetics and outdoor organic growing methods. Steven has produced over a million cannabis seeds in the south of Spain and provides white label services to many of the well-known seed brands. Steven is the founder of 4Plant Corporation and has consulted on various legal cannabis businesses in Canada, Holland, Spain, the UK, and Switzerland.

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